5 Cheap & Delicious Local Street Vendors Near Khao San

Thailand is a place that many people are visiting nowadays. In 2016, 29million people visited the ‘Land of smiles’ and it is estimated a further 34million will visit in 2017. Thailand is popular, and we all know that. One of the biggest reasons Thailand is popular is down to its delicious cuisine. Thai’s are some of the best and creative cooks in the world, throwing all sorts of spices, herbs and ingredients into the mix. Eating has become a hobby for those who can afford it, and ‘foodies’ are popping up everywhere now.

Part of an eating experience relies on the surroundings, the cost and the way the dish is cooked. Eating on a street side vendor is very popular in Thailand and especially in Bangkok. Well, seeing though Nappark is one street away from food haven Rambuttri Street, and two away from the ever manic Khao San Road, we thought we’d do a little exploring for some of the most delicious and cheapest places to eat or snack on.

Because some of these street vendors aren’t brands of any sort, meaning they haven’t got company names to look out for, we took some photos for you.

Where: Rambuttri via Chakrabongse
When: Morning to Evening
Menu: Chicken, pork and/or duck with rice, salad and soup
Cost: 50 Baht

At Nappark we have regular guests that always come back. When it comes to eating around the Khao San Road area, this street stall always gets return customers too. With a hanging chicken, duck and pork carcass in the glass stall window, you can’t go wrong here if you like meat. Add in some rice, salad and soup, and for one of them meats, you’ll be eating for 50baht.

Tip: Ask for a ‘mix’ in one, and the lady will throw all meats on, for a price of around 80baht-100baht!

Where: Rambuttri via Chakrabongse
When: Lunch to Evening
Menu: Chicken, shrimp or egg Pad Thai
Cost: 40-60 Baht

Directly opposite, maybe 1m away is a great Pad Thai stall. There are many Pad Thai street vendors dotted around Khao San and Rambuttri, but this guy’s stuff takes some beating. He’s been around a while and constantly has customers.

Where: Midway down Rambuttri
When: Afternoon to Evening
Menu: Cheese Balls
Cost: 10 baht (1)

New on the block giving the maintenance to the new Ibis Hotel that is going to be in the centre of Rambuttri, the Cheese Balls stand is perfect if you like to pick. You can chose from chicken and cheese, fish and cheese or just cheese. They are 10baht for one but for sure you’ll want more!

Where: Thani Road – Rambuttri (Outside Swensens)
When: Evening
Menu: Chicken Noodle Soup
Cost: 40 baht

As far as Chicken Noodle Soup goes, we haven’t found any better in and around the area by the street. As simple as it sounds, this dish will be perfect for a light meal. If you want to spice things up, add some chilli flakes in for good measure!

Where: In front of Nappark
When: Morning to Lunch
Menu: Chicken thighs or beef chops with sticky rice + spice
Cost: 40 baht +

Literally on our doorstep, you’ll come across the most convenient and quickest street vendor to date. Only open during the day but not everyday, this lovely lady charges 50 baht for 2 bits of chicken and sticky rice. The costs depend on the quantity but it is enough to fill you up!