7 Reasons Nappark Is Perfect Hostel For Backpackers

When you travel to a new country, it is important that you get your accommodation right. It isn’t just about the best WIFI or the best reviews; there are other factors you have to take into account. Some hostels are for parties, some are for long-term stays and some are for the quieter traveller. With so many options nowadays travellers have got it good.

In a city like Bangkok, busy, hectic and non-stop there are plenty of places to choose from. Bangkok has so many different districts and areas it really does depend on what you want.

If you are backpacking though, and you want a place with good facilities, good location and attracts the right kind of people. Well, Nappark fulfils all of your wishes for a hostel. Just around the corner from the famous Khao Sao Road, Nappark is endearing and addictive. You will love staying at Nappark and you’ll want to come back again, and again.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Nappark Is The Perfect Hostel For Backpackers.


Being in Bangkok as a backpacker means you’ll most definitely visit Khao San Road. Well, Nappark is only two streets away from the main street. You will be able to enjoy the craziness of Khao San, but also get away from it if you need to. Also, being next to Rambuttri Street with all its food and flavours is ideal too. The Grand Palace is also not far as are areas for floating markets, tuk-tuks, buses and other Thai markets.

Comfy Beds

In Nappark there are 32 dorm beds per floor. Now, this might sound a lot, but the beds are super comfy. Also, with Bangkok being high in humidity, the air con levels are perfect in the rooms. Plus you’ll get a pull down blind that gives you a little privacy!

Huge Lounge Mattress

Just at reception you’ll notice a huge mattress that covers the main floor. Well, if you’re waiting for a check in, or have checked out and have some time to kill, take a nap! What a great way to provide comfort to guests at all times! Plus, it is great to meet people as everyone is near each other.

Unique Social Area

Walking the entrance to get into Nappark, with a jungle-like design above, a colourful décor, geckos prancing on the walls and comfy seats to sit on, Nappark has a warm and loving welcome. The area is small but personal, which is perfect to meet new travellers like yourself.

Friendly, Local Staff

The staff are all dedicated to your stay whether that is the receptionists or the cleaners. They are local, but understand that travellers may have different cultures and attitudes. They always want to help and really care for the company. You really feel like the staff is helping you as they are very humble.

Ideal Free Amenities

Free WIFI, free movies, free travel advice, Nappark even have towels, shower gel and shampoo available. Nappark understands that you may have been travelling a lot and the little things go along way. The huge mattress is a great idea too and is like a free bed in itself!

Nappark Is For Everyone

Nappark is for all travellers of all ages. It isn’t a party hostel, but it is a very social able one. There are no privates, dorms only but that means everyone is in the same boat. It is social, comfy, useful and ideal. Nappark will grow on you and you will feel that love that you want to return!