10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nappark

It’s no secret that Nappark is a popular place. Backpackers begin and end their journeys in one of the most personable hostels in Thailand. It’s a great place to meet people whether in your dorm room, downstairs on the Nappark mattress or sharing a beer outside. It’s right near the Khao San Road area and a great way to induce you into the backpacker area of Bangkok.

But what else is there to Nappark? Well we have the lowdown for you just in case you wanted to know a little more.

Nappark is a local, one hostel place

Nappark is owned by Thai people and is a hostel that doesn’t rely on foreign investment unlike other popular hostels in Asia. At Nappark there is a family like atmosphere with the staff that would make anyone welcome.

Nappark provides airport runs

A lot of people staying in Bangkok may have to catch a flight here and there at times, so Nappark helps you make it there. Regular airport runs are available several times a day from only 150 baht.

Tours can be arranged from here too

If you fancy taking a trip doing the floating markets perhaps or a day excursion to Ayutthaya then just speak to the staff at reception and they can organise for you. There is plenty to do in Bangkok so whilst you’re here, let Nappark help you!

2011 Nappark was born

Nappark has been running for nearly 6 years now so it is generally quite new. However, Nappark keeps up to dates with the latest hostel trends and etiquette whilst maintaining its core ethos. Nappark can be your home away from home.

Nappark provides a lot of free things

Budget travellers will be happy with this one as Nappark provides free amenities to all travellers. Not only is it a great place to stay and meet people, Nappark offers free shampoo, shower gel, towels, WIFI and even a free napping spot are all here. Enjoy!

Songkran is celebrated pretty wild here

April 13th is the date that is Thai New Year and what that means is a huge water fight across the country. At Nappark it is no different and you’ll bound to get wet. The festival lasts for 3 days but if you’re thinking of somewhere to celebrate it, Nappark will be a great place to celebrate!

Regular activities

Beer pong competitions are becoming a bit of a thing here, and you’ll see photos on the walls showing the previous winners. Also, once a week there will be a free food night with some local delights bought and made by the staff for you to enjoy.

Nappark wants you to promote responsible travel

Bangkok can get a little crazy at times and we know that, but Nappark wants you to try having as much fun as possible but know your limits. Travel etiquette such as keeping your tops on whilst walking the city, keeping long pants on whilst visiting temples and not taking advantage of Thai generosity are some things to be aware of.

Book ahead, we get full quickly!

Over the years Nappark has grown in popularity and especially in high season beds can be booked out quickly. Try book ahead to make sure you can get your Nappark experience too!

Note: If you book for 7 days in advance you’ll receive the 8th day FREE!

You’ll ALWAYS meet people at Nappark

Nappark isn’t a party hostel but it does get lively most the time. Perfect for solo travellers to meet others, Nappark is designed for everyone to get along, so don’t worry if it is your first time away, you’ll never be alone.